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04/01/13: Yes Sir!

The best part of April Fool's Day is making real, honest announcements that seem so ridiculous they sound like jokes.

So if we said that Sir Christopher Lee, the man who played Scaramanga and Count Dooku and dozens other characters, sang vocals on heavy metal albums, you might think that was a joke. And if we said those songs were coming to Rock Band Network, you might think that was a joke as well.

And yet, here we are. "Let Legend Mark Me as the King" and "The Ultimate Sacrifice", both from the upcoming "Charlemagne: The Omens of Death", are coming to RBN in the coming months. Seriously.

Your band in Rock Band.

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We're a Rock Band Network authoring group. Which means we can take your music and put it in Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz- giving you new fans and a new income stream. We use the same tools Harmonix uses to author our tracks, so we can handle just about anything. And we've proven it, with a library going everywhere from a capella to math rock. Whatever you've got, we can make it work.

We know the industry is tough. We know there's tons of people eager to take your money. So, we don't. We share royalties from selling your songs in Rock Band to ensure you don't get ripped off and we do the best work possible. Our years of experience help us make sure we pick the best tracks to play and the best example of your band, so you get the most fans and the most sales.

If you're the DIY type, we can still help. Our proxy system lets you do the creative work of authoring your songs, while we do the busy work of bringing them to market. You get the credit and the cash, while taking advantage of our existing promotional tools and access.

Contact us

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Interested in teaming up with Fairwood Studios? Great! You can reach us at Let us know what band you're from (a Myspace, Facebook, or official website link would be nice).

Before contacting us, please make sure you have the following bits squared away:

  • Digital stems of your song's individual instruments
  • Publishing and master recording rights to your song (check with your label if you're not sure. Don't have a label? You probably have the rights.)
  • Basic song/band info, like a title and genre description
  • Guitar tabs/MIDIs/piano sheets (optional, but greatly preferred)

Everything else, we can talk through as we go through our process. Because of the second point, though, we can't accept cover songs. We're sorry.

After you contact us, we'll let you know if we have the space available to work with you. If not, we'll help guide you to someone who does.